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“The riveting, Joseph C. Townsend, whose emotional commitment to their story is matched only by their vocal prowess with their song.” -BroadwayWorld

“Speaking of Joseph C. Townsend... there can be no denying that, even with all of the incredible talents at last night's Cast Party, Mr. Townsend provided the thrill of the night. The crisply clad young singer shyly shared with Jim Caruso that he was singing the famed Judy Garland power ballad, and then he outpowered the most powerful singer of them all. Their mouths agape, the audience marveled at the tenor's tremendous talent, all the way up to when the mic cord came loose from the microphone itself and Joe Townsend simply threw away the mic and kept going. The audience went berserk and, during his exit applause, guests at neighboring tables could be heard exclaiming "AMAZING! AMAZING!' at which point Townsend, newly off the stage, was flocked by people wanting to talk to him, and hear his story. It was a moment clubgoers remember.The moment was made better by having that magical view of Billy Stritch watching this star-on-the-rise do that thing he does.” -BroadwayWorld​

“Joseph C. Townsend, the third guest is having quite a moment in the New York cabaret scene. After wowing audiences with "Pieces of Dreams" in Blake Allen's An Evening With Shirley Bassey, and stunning the crowd at Jim Caruso's Cast Party with "The Man That Got Away," Mr. Townsend knocked the socks off the crowd at 54 Below by singing "Over The Rainbow." With an unimaginable voice and his always chic appearance, Mr. Townsend is clearly a talent with which to be reckoned. It would not be surprising to learn that Townsend has a show of his own very soon. This is not breaking news, only wishful thinking.” -BroadwayWorld

“The emerging superstars of the evening were..., Joseph C. Townsend, the chic power balladeer who proved his gargantuan voice swings, too, with "That's Life.”